Our Mission and Vision

Transforming technology and information into business advantage.


In today's organizations the inability "to know what we know" and deliver data to people "who need it, when they need it" present huge challenges and inefficiencies that result in huge costs. The ability to exploit the power of their data proves critical to building effective information infrastructures. The result facilitates organizations to meet demanding requirements and adapt to constantly evolving business constraints.

Today's IT solutions are usually built with a great deal of emphasis on the presentation layer and little regard to the data they depend on. As a result, organizations find themselves handcuffed when IT requirements change. In addition, organizations tend to shy themselves away from moving to new efficient and evolving technologies because the legacy applications are too tightly coupled and inflexible to change. The ability to decouple new and legacy applications from their dependencies to the underlying information infrastructures provides the necessary agility to transition applications, to and from, changes to those infrastructures. Data Interfuse understands these organizational pains and their experience provide customer solutions that break the constraints.



"To help customers fully leverage and realize the power within their information infrastructure in order to build flexible, agile and effective IT solutions."